At the beginning of the calendar year, many corporations host an employee health and wellness fair. These events are designed to inform employees about healthy living and wellness choices and provide them with resources on getting healthier. The events also offer demonstrations, games and free products. Consider these benefits of having an event photographer in Las Vegas take photos of your corporate health fair.

Take Fun Images for the Employee Benefits Handbook

Most corporations have a digital or printed employee benefits book. This book is given out to new employees or those who are being recruited into the organization. When there is a change in benefit plans, current employees also get a copy of the book. The photographer’s images of the employee health fair would be an ideal addition to the benefits book.

Include the Event in Your Monthly Corporate Newsletter

Large companies often put together monthly newsletters that are distributed to staff and retirees. The newsletters may also be distributed to shareholders so that they can be informed of what good things are going on at the corporation. The photographer’s images of the health fair could be included as a way of demonstrating your corporation’s commitment to a healthy and productive staff.

Encourage Participation in Other Healthy Activities

When the photographer is able to capture images of your employees having a great time learning about health, trying a healthy food or doing a healthy activity, those images could inspire other employees to participate in your next wellness event. The images could be sent out by email to remind employees to sign up for health screenings or to participate in a training session or special event that is related to health and wellness. Images of people getting screened for diabetes or blood pressure could inspire people to take action.