Why Artwork?



Being a Photography and Videography studio we understand the value of our product. Though the world is becoming increasingly more digital and the majority of our media never sees beyond the vast internet feed, the spaces in which we create and work should reflect that creativity. As a Photography and Videography studio, our staff is comprised of extremely creative people. As such, we believe that it is important that the workplace environment is as inviting and inductive to creativity as possible. While there have always been tools to help create aesthetically pleasing workplaces such as key furniture pieces and wall paint, we believe the most important art to depict is that of our own photographers and their vision, and it’s not just us. A joint study, created by the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors (IPAA), found compelling evidence that supports the value of art installations in the workplace from a pool of 800 employees working in a variety of industries. Art installations become more than just a printed picture hung on a wall. Depending on the imagery and color palette it may evoke certain emotions and portray company culture to your customers and clients who visit your space.


Art also becomes much more than an aesthetically pleasing visual. The psychology involved in specific scenery and the use of certain colors affects the way that our shared, public and private spaces enhance or change our moods and emotions. For example, think of various restaurants and coffee shops. Nowadays, the ambiance is what may make or break these businesses, because not only does it matter what feeling these places evoke, but also whether space itself was up to par with the ambiance of the other restaurant that the customer saw on social media. So, no matter the business; whether it’s a hospital, hotel, or office space, Art installations will be able to enhance the spaces where they are showcased.


Art in the Workplace


In a workplace setting where art is null, it may become increasingly stale and rigid to work at a colorless location. The gray cubicle maze of the ’90s is being omitted for colorful and inviting open workspaces. Based on an Exeter Study in which participants were tasked with working for an hour in 4 different environments, it was concluded that employees worked “15% quicker in enhanced environments” Colorful wall art clearly has a certain effect on each staff member depending on the kinds of images used. It also helps promote an environment conducive to creativity. By surrounding yourself with colors and images, it allows you to think beyond your workplace, and come up with new and engaging ideas. The colors used, however, have more to say about the ambiance than one might initially think. In every basic marketing class, they cover, even if only for a small section, a color psychology class. While colors have different meanings in different parts of the world, there is a general understanding that, for example, Red usually means power and youth, blue represents health and calmness, or Black representing exclusivity and high quality. The psychology transmits from the art on your walls. The, for example, patients healing in a hospital, or tired staff. So introducing the correct colors for your companies goals and culture are. A must in terms of these art installations. 


Despite mostly engaging in the event industry, LV Photo has had the privilege of working alongside master printers and visual experts. This has provided us the tools and opportunities to create customizable and high-quality content for all of our events, including our own list of beautifully crafter photography backdrops. This is what gives us the opportunity to help provide these beautiful and customizable high-quality images to any and all kinds of businesses. With a plethora of art and photography options available and printing options available to you like Acrylic Printing and Vinyl Installations, your office walls become a blank canvas for you to emphasize what your company culture stands for and what kind of professional environment you have established 


Acrylic Printing

Acrylic Printing

One of the most dynamic ways to showcase your favorite images, Acrylic printing enhances the images themselves by amplifying vibrant colors and contrasting them against deep blacks. Our printing technology uses the highest quality materials to ensure that these images not only look great but that the image itself is protected from dust and humidity allowing for a longer lifespan. Please remember that everything is customizable so any additional photo enhancements and color choices can be made specifically to your needs and desires.


Vinyl Installations


Vinyl Art Installations

Vinyl Art Installations are another option-in terms of showcasing inspirational scenery. This creates an emphasis on bigger prat projects such as murals, and wall wraps. Vinyl is a great option for heavily trafficked areas due to its sturdiness and it’s sure to make your space vibrant no matter what graphic you decide fits the feel of your interior and exterior spaces. The most difficult portion of these installments will be choosing the art that you want to display. Exterior options may also be available due to vinyl durability.

Vinyl Art Installation


Production Services and Other Options


Once you’ve chosen your preferred way of showcasing your beautiful graphic designs, and you’ve cultivated a harmonious setting, it’s the perfect chance for you to show it off.


With production opportunities such as Architectural Photography and videography, drone videography, Virtual Walkthrough development and, if the space is big enough and you want to get creative, our 360 Fly me you have every possible tool at your disposal to attract clients, customers, and potential work staff. Virtual Walkthroughs are often considered the best way to demonstrate your new build-out, remodel, or building space. More and more of our clients are requesting this service due to distancing guidelines and regulations This popular method makes it easy for anyone to experience your location and will definitely enhance the credibility and online experience of your website.

Our crew will meet you on location and capture 360 three-dimensional footage of the entire floor plan with the latest in a virtual walkthrough tech. Artwork and graphics are extremely necessary for new buildings, remodels office spaces. They bring a cohesive look together through the entirety of the interior design process and help establish unity in company culture and brand marketing.

Art Installation Las Vegas

It is also proven that these art installations have a direct effect on anyone who interacts in these spaces, often appealing to certain emotions or creating an ambiance throughout the entire location. Our high-quality printing and installation services are sure to create a beautiful space for any future remodel, hotel, or interior space.