We commonly get the question,  “What is a Step and Repeat?”

What is a Step and Repeat you ask? Well, it comes with many interchangeable definitions depending on where it is used or what the context of its use may be. Other terms such as, Press wall or Media wall are one in the same. In other words, any printer banner that features logos or other branding that can be used for guests to take photos in front of.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

What comes to mind when you think of a Hollywood movie premier? For us, it is high fashion, stretch limousines, and A-list celebrities stepping out onto the red carpet into endless flashes of cameras. But, what is the focal point of an event of this nature? The focal point is the Step and Repeat.

The hype all comes to a head at the step and repeat. This is where the cameras are focused on interviewers asking, “Who are you wearing?” and “Are you excited for tonight?” We at LV Photo want to bring you the same hype without the stupid red carpet questions.

We want to integrate the same Hollywood movie premier energy with our proprietary photo technology to bring you quality instant prints along side the ability to share that photo on all social media platforms. Whether you’re dressed to the nines, or dressed casual our goal is for you to love your photo and be able to share it with your network.

No “One size fits all” approach

When it comes to step and repeat backdrops we aim to turn your dreams into reality. We print our step and repeat backdrops on the highest quality cloth that won’t give that cheesy vinyl look in your photo. We have a wide range of sizes available to best suite your needs ranging from 8×10, 8×16, 8×20, 10×10, and many more!

Custom Design

Sometimes designing a custom step and repeat can be difficult, but no need to fear. We have a team of graphic designers in house that can put your ideas on paper, and ultimately at your event.

“The whole nine yards”

The fun does not stop there; if you want the red carpet look then we will roll out the red carpet for you. (Or other colors should you choose to do so) We also have stanchions to complete the look, velvet rope and all.

Professional Service

Your event will be in the good hands of our professional photographers who will use state of the art camera equipment, as well as custom lighting catered to your event. We have shot many high end step and repeat events with many celebrities such as: Tiesto, Ciara, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Mike Tyson, Nick Jonas, Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick and the list goes on. For more information check out our Step and Repeat page.

How much lead time do I need?

In a weeks time we can design and print a high quality, non-reflective, reusable, cloth step and repeat. If you’re a Destination Management company or Agency please check out our DMC page!

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